Mark Roberts Motion Control is a leading designer and manufacturer of robotic motion control solutions. From live broadcast and film productions to product photography, they offer their clients the ability to capture their visions via a ground breaking suite of hardware and software..

1.      Why did you decide to invest in a data management solution like DDM, you had SOLIDWORKS PDM Workgroup, why did you want to move away from this PDM Tool?

We needed the ability to extract BOM and BOQ information directly from a PDM system with the aim of automatically keeping the ERP system informed of new component revisions. We required traceability of revision control, we also wished to have an engineering database accessible company wide. We needed proper control of OEM part numbers and data sheets.

2.      What kind of data management solution were you looking for and what systems did you consider? What was the decision criteria?

We had previously looked at DBWorks , ARAS and EPDM

3.      How did DDM fit with your requirements and why did you decide on DDM and partnering CSI?

DDM fitted the requirements by being simple to setup and having the properties of a searchable database. Being a small company cost was also a major factor. DDM pricing structure proved to be better value comparative to other products. DDM’s web browser portal forms an ideal system for getting component design data to manufacturers and insuring the latest revision automatically.

4.      Were there any specific aspects of the DDM product range that you found essential to your enterprise?

We had a major part numbering problem. There were many variants of part numbers being used and our library components were not stored in the PDM Workgroup database. This was causing many headaches. We needed a superior method for storing arbitrary manufacturer information with the parts. DDM has a very effective and simple process for achieving this.

5.      How did DDM’s ‘Out of the box’ functionality compare with ‘high-end’ alternative products currently on the market?

The out of the box functionality was most impressive. With a few days of basic training we were using DDM.

Ronan Carroll
Design Engineer
Mark Roberts Motion Control


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